"Photography allows me to catch a glimpse of eternity.

Visual beauty brushes the human soul and in an instant, time and space disappear, placing me in a place of sheer stillness.

My aim is to share these moments of bliss and touch my fellow humans.

My creative process truly comes from a passion for visual beauty.

Mother nature thrills my senses and visual sensations have been part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I was fortunate grew up in beautiful surroundings, with time for long walks and cloud gazing.

All this was put in a special place inside that became my refuge and is my creative source today.

I firmly believe that beauty feeds the soul.

I want to move the observer away from all the ugliness that surround us, even if only for a moment.

Looking at my work, the brain relaxes and lets the soul soak in beauty and be replenished."


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