Isabelle, aka Ida, Giroday is a Swedish fine art photographer and a Digigraphie® artist currently residing in Brittany, France. 

Isabelle grew up in Switzerland, right in front of the Geneva lake and the Mont Blanc.

She then moved to the city of Stockholm, Sweden and later went on to the United States and South Africa before settling in France.

Experiencing these different environments profoundly influenced her vision of the world. 

Isabelle Giroday often works on several projects at the same time which may quite differ in style.

However, visual sensations are always central to every creative action she takes.

While photography is the foundation for her creative work, it is used as a tool and not as an end.

Her background in fine arts clearly permeates her creativity and adds another dimension to her work, enhancing the expressed emotions. 

Isabelle Giroday is listed with Artprice, the global leader in art market information.

She caters to art collectors, interior designers and companies and her work is showcased worldwide. 

Labeled a Digigraphie® artist, Isabelle masters the complete process from shooting to archival-quality fine art printing.

Each artwork is authenticated, signed, embossed with her personal Digigraphie® stamp and accompanied by its certificate, thus insuring the buyer full traceability. 

Digigraphie® is the label of excellence that guarantees both the quality of the printed photograph AND its limited edition.





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